Aqua aerobics is typically performing various exercises, which we normally do in the Gym, inside the water using different buoyant equipments. Aqua aerobics classes will improve your overall fitness and is different to the workouts performed in the Gym but with added benefits which we get from the water. It is a great all-round work out. We use equipments like Aqua Dumbbells, Kickboards, Noodles and Hydro Discs.


  • Hydro-static (Water) pressure helps the heart move the blood around the body exerting less pressure on the heart.
  • Due to the water pressure there is always less strain on the joints and the muscles, which in turn relieves the joint pain if you are suffering from one.
  • You will get absolute range of motion due to the less impact of gravity inside the water, which while performing ’ Dry’ exercises you won’t experience.
  • It prevents the body from overheating resulting in longer and vigorous exercise routines inside the water.

Equipments used in the Aqua Aerobics exercises:

  • Aqua Dumbbells: Increases upper body strength and endurance.
  • Kick Boards: Great for lower body. It improves the leg strength.
  • Hydro Discs: Increases upper body strength and endurance due to the water resistance and also under water they are very very hard on the body resulting in a great workout.
  • Aquatic Glouse or Aquatic Mitts: Improves the upper body strength and increases resistance in the water.
  • Noodle: It is very useful for the Core exercises and also helps in upper body and lower body strength workouts, gives stability.

How about trying it out at your swimming pool, then please contact me for the professional guidance and avail first two sessions free.