Mallikarjun is one of the gentlest of coaches I have seen. His persuasive and inclusive approach encourages all kids into swimming. My kids Sowmya and Advaith loved their stint with him at our apartment Skylark Esta . Looking forward to renewing their coaching when the weather is warmer.

Priya Ramesh

My 5 yr old daughter Mishika had a great experience learning Swimming from Mallikarjun Sir..She always waited for her next class n learn from him..Thank you so much for all your patience n lot of care you took during her coaching period....

Mahua Bhattacharya, Skylark Esta

Never thought swimming would be easy and fun. Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful experience.


My son trained under the guidance of Mr Mallikarjun for swimming classes which were conducted at our campus.Mr Mallikarjun being an excellent coach helped my son overcome fear of water and eventually got him to like swimming.His techniques and style of coaching is exemplary,Having experience of many years he has lot of patience which is noteworthy. It is indeed very fortunate to have my son train under him.I thank him and wish him all success in future endeavours.

Kamala, Parentof Rishab, Spring beauty apartments, Bangalore-37

I Would like to mention that you are an amazing trainer for all age groups with lots of patience. You easily gain our confidence and make us swim without fear.

Niji, Kadugodi Golden Blossom Apartment s

Mallikarjun Sir has been a great swimming coach for both adults and kids. He brings a lot of professionalism to the entire coaching program in the way he teaches the basics, measures the right learning curve for the kids and adults and being patient at every stage of the learning. I, my husband and kids learned swimming from him and we can’t thank him more for the way we have gone through the journey of initial reluctance to enjoying the swimming experience. Apart from this I would also want to mention about his time management skills and responsiveness. He has been very proactive in informing us about any changes in schedule for the swimming classes. I would definitely recommend Mallikarjun Sir to anybody who wants to onboard to world of swimming

Sarish, Jaimy and Kevin, Skylark Esta

I joined the swimming classes in Casa Gopalan apartment pool and have taken a total of 11 classes from Mallikarjun. In these 11 classes, my fear of water is gone, I gained the confidence and trust in myself that I can swim - all THANKS to Mallikarjun. I was able to swim across the pool at my fifth lesson (very huge for me)!!! He makes learning to swim enjoyable. He has a ton of patience and believes in you.

Mallikarjun stands out because he not only loves what he does, but he is a great listener. If anyone is looking for an amazing swim instructor, I'd definitely recommend him if you're like me and has always had a fear of water. After 5-7 classes, you'll be much more confident.

Arunima, Casa Gopalan, A-907, 9632918197

It's my pleasure to talk about your swimming lessons to my Son Siddhant age 6. It's has been a great learning for my son who has not only learned a lot in very little time but also enjoys learning with you. I think a lot of patience is required for kids which is quite visible in your teaching. All the best.

Sujata, Mother of Siddhant, Skylark Esta

Mallikarjun is excellent swimming coach. He trained my 7 year old son for swimming. My son started from zero and in just 2-3 weeks he was able to swim. Mallikarjun knows how to teach technically and systemically. He taught him all required techniques in very very systematic manner. My son actually waited eagerly for his swimming class. He is a thorough profession, exact on time, never late even by 1 minute. A big thanks to him to make my son learn so quickly & so enjoyably.

Rakesh Ranjan, VijayaSri Elixir, Borewell Road, Whitefield.

Mallikarjun has been training me for a while now, first as a swimming coach and currently he is helping me to improve my physical fitness and lose weight. I think he has been quite successful in both his roles so far... as I have graduated from someone who feared water to love and enjoy swimming. On the training front, he is quite meticuluos and result oriented, and that starts showing within a couple of months. Also, his knowledge as a trainer in both capacities is praiseworthy. He is extremely professional and courteous in conducting himself and the training sessions which makes training with him a pleasure... I wish him all the best and would highly reccomend him as both a swimming coach and trainer.

Aditya Ghosh, Skylark Esta, Hoodi, Bangalore

Mallikarjun is very knowledgeable , certified, is always attentive to your goals and a top notch personal trainer. He is very humble and able to understand our requirements and limitations and trained accordingly.He is very punctual and disciplined. Would like to continue working with him.

Rajanikanth B, Ushodaya Aura Apartments, Kundalahalli, Bengaluru.

Mallikarjun Sir is an excellent swimming coach and we are glad that our Son had his first session of swimming classes from him. He is an extremely patient coach and always encourages kids during their classes. He also modifies his sesssions to suit each kids capability. Siddharth is 4+ and is already a confident swimmer now. As parents we feel very proud seeing this progress in our child. Thanks to Mallikarjun Sir for his effective coaching..

Santosh and Shreekala, Casa Gopalan Apartments.

I always had an interest to learn swimming from when i was small but my fear of water was moreh than my interest. I had gone for a couple of classes with various instructors but the results were in vain. My fear did not let me get into the water. When Mallikarjun Sir started taking classes in Casa, I thought of giving it a try and I can say it in pride he made me float in the very first class and my fear of water was gone for ever.From then on, there was no looking back, he taught me freestyle and backstroke. I pulled my husband along and now we both are confident swimmers!! A professional in his job, he teaches all his students according to their nuances and ensures that they learn the right way to swim. Thanks Sir for all your efforts!!

Preethi Nair, Casa Gopalan Apartments, Whitefield, Bengaluru.

Mallikarjun sir is an awesome trainer. He is organized, efficient, committed, disciplined, extremely well mannered n punctual. He is really good n I have hugely benefitted from sir. I will strongly recommend him for swimming n exercise be it weight loss, muscle building or both.

Saswata Deb, 9538999185, Anu Apartments, Hope Farm, Bengaluru.